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Check out the recruiting video the guys at @BUSShowcase made from my recent showcase in AZ! https://app.virtualcombine.com/profile/8c00a9cd-915b-48b8-a8db-dff11d8a42d0/photos/expanded/video/b4fe7960-4d9d-11ec-bc8b-bda952235e4e/baseball

Highlight video by @virtualcombine at @BUSShowcase national event in the Miami Marlins Stadium @ColHighbaseball @TEAMELITENATION @PBRGeorgia @PG_Georgia https://app.virtualcombine.com/profile/1bba4b5f-bdd6-4e5d-9705-d4dffb9e0f45/photos/expanded/video/985d1c60-3d7d-11ec-b1f1-29fe27ce3514/baseball/f0c38880-7587-11e9-a45c-6bb5ff6a4445

11/20/21 @virtualcombine offseason challenge #2 leaders:

Pulldown: Luke Barre (90mph)

Exit velo off tee: Cameron Donley (93mph)

60 yd dash: Caden Baker (6.68 sec)

5-10-5: Tim Winter/Luke Barre (4.52 sec)

Squat: Paxton Terveen (330 lbs)

Broad Jump: Henry Braniff (107 in)

Ian was our top performer during Cloud County CC combine at The Barn! Check out his numbers. https://app.virtualcombine.com/profile/b3965593-8bf8-4831-b55a-18230558f455/player/baseball/f325fe60-7587-11e9-b6da-d7a0a409e460


Cooper will be a 3 year starter at RB, explosive, break away speed and smarts! He will be a great addition to some program. 108 Att, 636 yards, Ave 5.9 yards carry.


Track Coaches check this multi sport athlete.

My stats from the Best in US National Showcase at Chase Field. Cut down my 60 yard .36 seconds since my last showcase 6 weeks ago and put up 90 in BP. Ready to get back to work 💪

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