VIRTUAL COMBINE Alpha Launch Available

AUSTIN, TEXAS /For immediate release/ — The much anticipated Virtual Combine platform is now publicly available as an alpha release on web, iOS and Android. The first release showcases the Athlete profile, which delivers the unique ability for a youth athlete to track statistics over their career, share highlights and measure personal progress with their personalized “VC Score.”

“Our team is excited to launch Virtual Combine into the youth sports market with the goal of ultimately connecting our athletes with next level opportunities while providing insights for improvement during their career,” says Virtual Combine CEO & Founder Doug Lambert. “As we continue to develop the platform, we will work with our partners in a high-touch onboarding process to ensure we’re giving our athletes, parents, coaches and administrators what they need to succeed.”

Virtual Combine provides a technology platform via web and mobile applications to the youth athletic community. The platform streamlines the work involved in coaching, athletic improvement, organization of sport communities, scouting and recruiting, fundraising, networking, and career advancement. Virtual Combine will also provide tools that allow stakeholders to take advantage of data analysis to enhance decision-making in athletic training, team position assignments, and recruiting.


Virtual Combine is for players, organizations and teams wanting to operate at the next level. It’s everything a player, parent, coach or recruiter needs to know, from an athlete’s first day on the field, to their last. Virtual Combine has been developed with insight and assistance from top youth, high school, collegiate, and professional coaches, athletes, parents, and organizations. Learn more at: www.virtualcombine.com


For further information: media@virtualcombine.com