‘VC Score’ Weighted Athletic Measurement

AUSTIN, TEXAS /For immediate release/ — At the core of Virtual Combine is the proprietary “VC Score” that quantifies and qualifies each athlete on the platform. Utilizing data from sports specific test sets, this rating helps athletes understand their abilities in relation to themselves and their competition. With vetted data at the ready, athletes can see, react and improve upon their individual standing among their peers.

“Virtual Comine’s proprietary ‘VC Score’ and underlying algorithm was developed with the athlete’s future in mind,” says Virtual Combine CEO & Founder Doug Lambert. “Not only do our predefined testing sets allow cross-sport comparison, the tests motivate creation of training programs to better an athletes ‘VC Score’ as they improve.”

The ‘VC Score’ includes ratings attributed to Performance and Strength which are then referenced against age, body-size and gender. The Performance rating tests speed, agility, and explosion while the Strength rating tests upper body, leg & hip, and explosive strength.

Virtual Combine is available now on iOS, Android or web-app. Athletes can join today and begin test-sets attributing to their personal ‘VC Score.’.


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